Brand New Single Out Now!

Today marks the day of my brand new single release for my song “For You”.

“For You” is an original song written and performed by Collette Andrea. This song was recorded in a cabin in Caledon, and recorded an produced by Danen Sloan.


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Brand New Single Coming!

Very excited to announce that I am releasing a brand new song this upcoming Tuesday! The single, “For You”, was captured and came to life in a retreat style recording space in a cabin located in Caledon, ON.

Stay tuned! caledon7

Music and Street Art

I am so excited to share this post! My amazingly talented friend Gino Art is an incredible street artist and this past weekend I watched him transform a garage space in Toronto into a beautiful work of art! And yes, that is me, and the original photo taken by Lisa MacIntosh of my 2014 album Steady Sun! Please give him a like/follow GINO ART and make sure to look out for his other work across the city!ginoart

Band of Dreams

Wow! What a weekend!

As I sit down to write this post, I am picturing everything that came to fruition over the last 72 hours. My hear is filled with joy, my mind is at ease, and my voice has opened up like it has never before. This past weekend I was dedicated entirely to my music. This was the first time in my musical life that I have felt completely and fully immersed in my my music, my story, and my song.

Over the last three days, I spent my time in a beautiful quaint and peaceful two story cabin located in Caledon, ON. I had the opportunity of sharing the space with my sound engineer, Danen Sloan (a.k.a the wizard). What a pleasure he is to work with.

We recorded three of my most intimate songs, and had the space, time, and freedom to create and fully immerse ourselves in the music.  I am grateful to have been in a peaceful space, surrounded by the most beautiful and kind musicians and my Band of Dreams Susannah McKenzie-SutterMatthew Wittmann, Jordan MacKinnon, and the amazing film crew who captured all of the musical magic.

I have some really excited things coming, and I can’t wait to share it with you all x

Home Sweet Home

I am finally back home after two weeks of touring around with Via Rail’s Artist on Board program! Toronto to Vancouver and then back again, I had the pleasure of sharing my music with people from around the world.

Traveling around and playing music is a dream and passion of mine. In 13 days, I played nearly 50 sets of original songs and iconic Canadian covers. Over my years of performing, nothing has been like playing live on a train for consecutive days in a row. At first it was challenging to get comfortable playing music while moving constantly, but after getting used to moving, playing got a lot easier.

Performing so intimately with people of all ages was my biggest gift from this tour. Oftentimes, I can get caught up with the business side of performing, stages, other bands, pictures, sound, fans, crowds,bars,opinions, judgements, how many people you are brining out, progress, and just all around artistic distractions. Being able to play songs that I have written for over the past 10 years, and having people interested in my story and why I write has restored my connection to music on a more human level. Take away everything other than physically playing guitar and singing, and what I had left with was joy, but ultimately connection. Having people sing along to songs that you have written, hearing their voices align with yours is the greatest gift to any writer or artist, and for me personally.

I met so many great people along the way, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to travel with my music. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, whether we have just met, or whether you have been a part of my music journey over the years!



Photo: Lisa MacIntosh Photography

Western Canada Tour Announcement: Toronto-Vancouver

I am so excited to share with all my fans, friends, and music supports that I am touring out west this August, partnering with Via Rail and their Artist’s On Board Program. As an acoustic artist, finding and playing gigs that support you are sometimes hard to find, and I am so happy to have this opportunity to tour the country and share my music through Via Rail. I will be taking the train from Toronto and ending in Vancouver, stopping off and performing in Winnipeg, Jasper, and Vancouver. I will also be stopping by Vancouver and Victoria radio stations, including CiTR and CFVU stations.

Just me and my guitar, I am thrilled to be supported to share my own music across this beautiful country!

Stay connected with me for more updates, content, and photos along the way! Xviapromo.JPG

Brand New Release: “Mirage”

album22016 has been a busy and exciting year for me and my music. I have been actively involved with touring with Silver Creek Folk and recording a new ep with the band, while also recording my third acoustic EP set for release this fall. In celebration of my 25th birthday, I would like to share with all of you a bit of the recording that I have been working on. For those of you who have seen me play live, or if you caught me playing around the beautiful grounds of Kalani, you will know this song! This is a work in progress, but I would finally like to share something with you all that I have been working on. So here it is, my new song Mirage (formerly, where heaven meets the earth) which will be featured on my brand new EP this year. Let me know what you think! X