New Leaf

It has been such a long time since I have posted here.

Although I have not been updating my site as much as I could, including my other social media sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.), I can assure you I have been actively working on creating new music, new projects. New ideas, new passions, new life. I am reminded through spring that there is no better than now.

Last night I had an amazing night. I was surrounded by the people I love, friends and family. I also met some lovely new people, which I am very grateful for connecting with. I love connecting with people more than anything in this world. Thanks to Shoe Tree Folk, I had the opportunity to play an acoustic folk show alongside two local artist from Georgetown, ON.

Last night was the first show that I have played in a long time where I felt a great sense of community. A community where artists show up early to listen to other artists on the bill. A community where the crowd is surrounded by friends, family, fans, lovers, artists, and dreamers. My experience as a independent acoustic singer-songwriter playing live in all sorts of venues has been everything but a predictable journey. Sometimes I show up to play and there is a packed room full of people, whom I have never met in a venue I have never been to before. Sometimes I open for other bands or artists and sometimes I am the closing act. I never know what I am getting myself into as far as venue, sound, performing space, so I always like to be well prepared for anything. My performance last night was located on the second floor of The Shepherds Crook, a local pub that supports many folk artists and performers.

After making my way up to the second floor I was immediately greeted by folks from Shoe Tree Folk. Often times I enter a venue and as an artist playing for the evening, it is hard to find the people who are organizing the show, such as promoters or the sound (wo)man. Sometimes I am just another artist pouring their heart out on stage in a space where I can’t hear myself, where I can’t play as best as I know that I can, where other supporting artists at the show leave right after their set without connecting or mingling with fellow artists on their bill. Sometimes there is art respect, and often there isn’t. Last night was refreshing, and today I feel inspired.

Last night I felt the connection that has been missing from my performing life. I felt the heart, the soul. I was moved by the stories that other artists were telling about their original songs. It was particularly moving for myself, as it reminded me of why I write music. I could feel the peace, serenity, and healing manifesting as each artist performed their music. Space is everything for performers, whether you are a singer, dancer, teacher, or poet. The space last night was perfect for vulnerable artists with big hearts.

Music and performing has always been a part of my life, inherently a part of my soul. I am grateful for everything that comes to me, whether it be constructive or destructive. Nothing can be predicted, but everything is in the right place.

As for me, I continue to write and play everyday. Although my online social networks may seem inactive at times (there is a hell of a lot of pressure to keep posting) I can assure you my actual life is rich with activity and creativity. I am working on new musical projects, personal poetry and other writing projects.

Again, a special thanks to Doug, Danen, and Matt for the great sound, organization, and vibe for the event. A big thanks to the local supporting acts, Matteo DeStefano and Kevin Misner.