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Genre: Folk

As a writer for an independent music blog, I spend a good portion of my time scouring online avenues for new artists. Usually it’s a process of sifting through a sea of mediocre covers and “original songs” to occasionally find someone truly special – a musician whose talent deserves more than a three-minute video clip on YouTube.  When I came across the SoundCloud page for Brampton, Ontario native Collette Andrea, I was simply blown away.

With influences such as Etta James, Cat Power and Neil Young, it’s easy to see why Collette Andrea’s latest EP Luna is so rich. Her lyrics are smart and honest, without the slightest bit of pretense. Her guitar is well played, and from the sound of it, well loved too.  Then, of course, there is her powerful voice. Her vocals are soft, gentle and controlled, but with songs like “In the morning” and…

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